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Discover more about the Family Hub App.  Make a difference to your child's development and early learning through a variety of fun tips and activities to do at home.

The Family Hub Northumberland App

Featuring top tips and ideas for fun everyday activities, such as songs to sing and games to play, that can support your children’s early learning and development, preparing them to be ready for school. Plus, get access to what’s on guides at your fingertips.  


Download the app directly to your mobile device for free.

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Support your child's development through meaningful play
As a parent or carer, your baby or child will already be learning so much from you, as you chat, play, sing, cuddle, and do all your usual day-to-day activities. Research shows that these things that you do together have a big impact on how children's brains develop in these early years, and on how they get on at school and in later life. 

Who is the app for?

The App is for parents with children aged 0-5 years. Studies have shown that parents have more influence over their child, emotionally and physically during pregnancy and the first few years after birth than at any other point in life. You as a parent are the first and most important educator in your child’s life.


This App introduces you to easy, age-related, fun tips and activities to meet your child's early learning and developmental needs which will also support them to be ready for school when they’re due to start their reception year.


Best of all, the framework includes no screen time for the child, and is structured around activities that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.


How it works

Download the App directly to your mobile device at no cost and create a profile avatar for your child.

  • Explore simple, easy and convenient ideas to do out and about in your local area and in the comfort of your own home, that support different critical areas of development, including language, communication, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional, self-regulation and literacy.

  • Get direct access to the Family Hubs ‘What’s on Guides’ – for Free THINGS TO DO with the whole Family in your local Hubs and communities across Northumberland.

  • Coming in Autumn 2024 - Join our Family Hub Practitioners virtually and access instructional demo videos for each stage your child is going through!



Pricing and details 

The best part is; this is all Absolutely free! No faffing around with payments or subscriptions. No in-app-purchases.  Just a straightforward tool with practical advice created to help you support your child’s learning in everyday life.



About us

Family Hubs Northumberland have teamed up with Northumberland County Council's Early Years Team to develop an easy-to-use digital resource helping you as a parent do the right things at the right times in the right way. But also access to the full offer of Family Hub support – including links to the popular what’s on activity guides, Dad’s Pad and free online parenting and relationship advice.   


Videos have been hand selected from the BBC's Tiny Happy People website, to support families in the areas we know children often require the greatest support in. And the best part is that the cornerstone of each activity is playing and spending quality time while bonding with your child.



Find out more

If you’re a parent, grandparent or carer living in Northumberland, you can unlock a full collection of resources by becoming a Family Hub Member for FREE. Click here to complete a quick online form.

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