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Find out more about how home learning can offer educational and developmental support for your children, and explore the Family Hub Home Learning App.

Home Learning Environment (HLE)

We know that the pandemic had a significant impact on access to services for families and children. Our Early Language Development and Home Learning Environment offer will support educational and developmental recovery, and enhance school readiness for those children who were babies during the pandemic. 


Families will have access to a key contact at their local Family Hub network who will provide appropriate information to support parents of pre-schoolers. 


What does H.L.E. mean?

When we talk about the Home Learning Environment (HLE), we mean the physical home and the positive relationships and talk within it, that support a child's learning. Research has shown that the quality of the home learning environment is more important for children's development than parents'/carers occupation and education. 

What does it look like?

A positive home learning environment is created when children are listened to, responded and talked to from birth, respected and valued as unique individuals and cared for in a warm, safe and encouraging atmosphere. 

Why is it important?

The home is the single most significant environmental factor in enabling children to develop the trust, attitude and skills that will help them to learn and engage positively with the world. The HLE is an important factor in the development of early speech, language and communication. This not only impacts on a child's development in the early years, but for all of their school years. 

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