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As a parent, there are opportunities to get involved in shaping plans across our family hub communities, find out more below.

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Join a Family Panel near you

We're looking for parents and carers to take part in an exciting new Family Hub project! 

Our goal is to empower individuals and families to create a safe space where we can: 

  • come together 

  • share their thoughts, views and ideas  

  • work with the community development team 


As members, you're invited to attend monthly sessions which will take up no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

These panels will inform changes throughout:  

  • design 

  • planning 

  • delivery of services 


This will help us shape the offer available to families in our communities. 


Panels take place either virtually and in Family Hubs across Northumberland.

Please contact your nearest family hub by clicking here and leave your details with a staff member.  someone from our Community Development Worker Team will call or email you back with relevant information.

Our Promise to you


We promise to provide a safe and inclusive space for you to express your views.


We promise to provide appropriate information and facilitate the expression of your views.


We promise to be an advocate for your views and ensure that they are communicated to the right people to achieve change.


We promise to take your views seriously and make sure they are acted upon. This includes provided you with feedback explaining the reasons for decisions that have been made, and how your views have contributed to change and positively impacted the community. 

Find your local Family Hub below


Family Hubs in areas:

  • Alnwick 

  • Berwick

  • Hadston

  • Wooler

Main contact Berwick

Tel: 01670 620 461 

  • Facebook

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