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Introducing the OnePlusOne App: A Free Co-parenting Tool to Manage Separation

Developed by leading relationship research charity OnePlusOne, forms the latest addition to the Family Hub programme.  Northumberland is the first location to enjoy the new Separating Better app, for free!

Are you a parent going through separation?

Separating better is a brand-new app from the relationship experts at OnePlusOne, which can help guide you through the separation process, find effective ways of co-parenting, and sort out disagreements, all with the wellbeing of your child in mind. 


The app includes: 

  • Self-guided support

Expert emotional advice and practical information on childcare and financial arrangements. 

  • Progress tracking

Easily monitor your journey and achievements as you navigate separation. 

  • Emotional readiness quiz 

Get a sense of where you are in your separation journey with our quiz. 

  • Co-parenting tips

Stay organised and communicate effectively with your co-parent. 


Start your journey today 

Track your emotional readiness, gain practical insights and take control of your separation journey.  

Download the Separating better app below and start your journey to healthy co-parenting for you and your children. 


How to get started 

  1. Download the mobile app. 

  2. Complete the emotional readiness quiz. 

  3. Explore key features: Access expert advice, track your progress, and enhance your co-parenting. 

Click here to read more and go to the Healthier Relationships section on our website.



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